Monday, March 5, 2012

Lesson Learnt

Hey all,
This isn't one of the entries that I have promised, but something that I have recently learnt.

I'm a moderator for ACE. If you haven't been there, I encourage you to do so if you raise birds, or any other type of animal. Anyway, I have had two bad things happen with in two weeks of each other. One was about horses, and another was about a comment that I have said. A mess both were. Privet messaging, reports, emails. A Huge mess. but we got it all taken care of and all cleaned up. Although, I do need to have a chat with the head Admin. Anyway, the lesson I learnt was pride.

Pride is a dangerous thing in the world. Can destroy friendship, websites, anything and everything. A few members were in the right, and myself was in the right. As Both of us was in the right, it kept going. But How can two rights solve something? Sometimes, One right has to step down. In which case it was I who had to step down. With an apology publicly. It solved the issue.

But was I in the right? For the Horse thing, Yes, for the comment, Yes and no. But Its all been taken care of.... anyway..... Please check out the site ACE, Check out my website, and have a wonderful day.