Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello Old friends part 1

Hello old friends, sorry about this LONG time of silence, But I moved, which I was out of a house for two months, as we waited for our Promise house, talk about Promise.... That will be a discusstion for today, but for right now, I'd like to give a update.  Nothing small, like, Birds good, house good.... school starting. I actually want to talk, Not a short little thing. Which I really hate now a days. Now before you decided to get bored and leave, If you could please just read a little bit, scroll down and write a comment, I want to know what you think.

Now, time to move to my birds. Its always wonderful to start off with animals, As it's one of the greatest joys in my life. If I didn't tell you, I got some hatching eggs, for some chickens. May 12th, I recently owned some chickens. 30 some odd. I had a friend watch them and my other birds as I was camping. Anyway, so now their 16 weeks old now, and I can't wait for them to start laying eggs. I've always wanted a broody hen. A broody hen is a hen that lays eggs till they have enough eggs to be a clutch, she sits on them for 21-26 days (depending on the bird). Then if your really lucky, you'll have little baby chicks. I've always wanted one, but never was able to get the to gather that much. So now, Im going to try this time, Im hoping that in the spring, I'd have at least one broody hen, or should I say Pellet. Pellet is a female chicken under a year old, where a hen is a female over a year old.....

So what about my Quail? Peafowl? Whats your other plans with your birds? Well I'll tell ya. I recently butchered some, and now I only have 3 hens left. My plan is the cage them up for the winter and in the summer is to have a outside coop, just for them. I'm going to get more birds off of a friend just outside of Grand Prairie, Alberta. To start a new quail project. Now With my peafowl, they passed away this winter, which  don't really want to talk about. So please respect my wishes and Please don't ask, But I am planning on getting more, very shortly.  Now, with new plans, I plan on adding Ridley's bronze turkeys  to my flock, as well as a rare, and endangered speices of chicken, its called the Hungarian yellow. <= Its click-able. I have huge plans, Which I'll be happy to post more, or chat through email :D

Now for the second shot for this post, the house,  this one is going to be shorter, I'd hate to say it, but its true.... The new house is awesome, Not what my parents ever dreamed about, But my whole family believes its one of Gods promises. We've been way busy with Fences, Hedges, Moving in, cutting grass and riding our horses, for anything like internet yet, but we're going to get it. I promise. Now, I fixed up the chicken coop, I have another chicken coop to fix up, put in a new fence for the runs. We're getting ready to board some horses there shortly, as september comes faster then we think.

And with September, comes school..... which Is the third part of this entry. I graduated this past year by doing homeschooling Trad. which is basically doing what ever my parents wanted me to do. Well since I see college coming out of know where, I've decided to do another year of Homeschooling, but with online classes, which is exacally what Public school kids do, but I get to do it at home :D Its awesome I know. Now talking about College, I've been focus on becoming a Conservation officer, but lately, I'm having second thoughts. It's natural, I want to make sure that what I'm going into spending the money on is worth it. Well, the more I think of it, I think of it is less and less my dream anymore. Which is sad, as the courses I've already signed up for is to become a CO :( And I don't know where to go from there.

Now for our fourth part of this entry, Which You'll have to wait for tomorrow.... as its 1:18am here and Im tired and I work tomorrow..... But to get you interested, I'll be talking about, where I am right now, what Im doing, a few crushes of mine, girls, Manhood, and much much more.....
So please check in and watch, as I work on this multi post series....