Friday, December 30, 2011

A few randoms

Working on some videos... I will have a vlog up very shortly... I just need to know a bit more on editing :D Can't wait :D Update: Eggs are in the bator.... YAY!!! What a great way to start the new year... with eggs in the bator :D

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Update 2

I've been working on this for a few days now. Thinking on a few things. My book, Birds, school, family, Christmas coming up, My friends, and the list continues. I've been thinking lately, New things happening each day, New thoughts, Its really cool. MY Birds are doing wonderfully. They are enjoying the greatness of life. MY quail within a few weeks will be breeding age, laying eggs and I will be hatching like crazy. The Quail are going to be raised for meat. Since a egg is only good for 10 days, than the hatching rate goes down. I will collect for 9 days, and put the rest of the eggs in my incubator. They will live in the brooder for 8 weeks, And again hatch another round. as soon as 8 weeks are up, I will butcher all the quail (other than Breeding pairs). I will sell quail on the side. With my peafowl. Jack died, Leaving only Jill. So I went to a bird sale and bought 4 more peafowl, two breeding pairs that are just yearlings. Which will be ready to breed in a year or two (depends on the birds). I also got another from a breeder near by. His name is Lightfoot (like Gordon Lightfoot). He is 4 years old and will breed with Jill this up coming year. I will be selling hatching eggs, and chicks this year. School, Like always sucks. I'm behind, I need to catch up fast. I have till the end of the month to catch up or I won't beable to do a online class I wanted to do. Im also getting ready for grad. Which is great, Thinking on who is invited. I have 8 tickets to buy. So Im thinking My parents, My siblings, either my grandma (if she can come out), my brothers girlfriend, or my brother in-law. This is exciting cuz I'm the first to gradutate through Homeschooling. I'm going to plan on buying a suil some time soon for it. Friends, I found out that some of my friends are Bi. I told my dad and he's ani-gay. So He was telling me not to around them, etc etc etc. I was thinking, I will hang out with who I want. You can't force me. And well, I will see on how that works. I worked with one of my friends last night. It was nice to see her again. Work, again sucks. I'm not getting alot of hours to cover for a few things. I'm thinking on switching jobs if I don't get any time soon. Prob go with Tim Horton's if I can get the hours I need, and the wage I need. My book is working out great, Just ended another chapter, Going to do some editing, and get it sent to my friends.... YAY. working on another chapter. Some how I'm fitting a problem in each chapter.... Which isn't good. But the problem that is in this past chapter, is through out the book.... YAY!!!! VBlogging will be coming up soon. Just working on my video..... YAY!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hello all,
I have't had much time to work on my book recently. I went to a animal sale on Saturday, Sunday was putting my new animals in their new homes, Monday I work in a different store, And Was up late working, And tonight was my work's staff christmas party. This has been fun, But time to go back to work. I sorta got stuck. I entered a problem to fast in the chapter. Thinking That I could fix it, or should I restart. To which Im thinking restarting the chapter, Im not that far into the chapter. I do wish I could save it, But not alot of thought went into it. So I will be restarting it :) I want to finish the chapter by the begining of the weekend and have it done editing and that stuff by the end of the week.

I've also been working on my website. Updating info and uploading picture. I hope sometime you can see it. (The link for it is in the link section) I got 4 more christmas cars from my ACEer friends. I want to thank you. I wish I spent more time in detail for my cards other than little easy things. Thanks for the presents in the cards Like a bookmark and a cookie recipe. I'll be making the cookies very soon. Which will be wonderful.

Well better head to bed.,
Night all and will post more tomorrow

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Operations Christmas child

This past Monday, I was able to voleteer for 2-3 hours. It was amazing. I wish I could do it again. with two shifts, so 4-6 hours, 4,800 boxes where checked and is ready for shipping. This was amazing activity. 4,800 kids will have their first and only present in their life time. the boxes are their tresure chests, keeping everything they love and dear to them, close to keep them for ever. Not only will they get their present, but they will hear the word of God. I find that amazing. If that was two shifts, and that was in one main city, amagine, how many is done already? I love that thought, That feeling of joy, knowing that somewhere in the world, a gloriful child will be happy this christmas. I do want to incourage you to either do a box, or volenteer yourself for this amazing experiance.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Im going to start something new, which is Vblogging, posting my video on youtube than on here.... What would you my viewers think?

Sunday, December 4, 2011


The Farmer dream series didn't go over well. It crashed it self. So, In my hope on working on a book. I have two close friends helping me. Their me editors and will get credit like editors do. They help me work on problems, I say I can make it go this way or that way, they help me chose. I started writting it and I had to to stop, I needed to work things out in my brain so I know that their going to be finished the way I want them to. I will give little details through out the book. If you think it should be something else or anything, your opinion on something, than Post or email me (wolfbird_94)...... And yah :D

Monday, November 14, 2011

16 year old builds tiny home

I saw this and thought on posting it, enjoy


My family went back into the mountains for our last hunt. It was a great trip. We had the five of us, my brothers girlfriend, and two other families that came out. The total of people was 13. The most amount we ever had. The most amount of teens we've had. Its great to see how the youth of today feels about keeping the wilderness the way it is. We had Activities. Horseback riding, Skating on the frozen river with out boots, chatting around the campfire, Helping with breakfast, and supper. We never ate lunch for some reason, we were to busy having the time of our lives. The mornings were hard, waking up early to go for a morning hunt. After getting the horses tacked, getting everybody to have a ride. than after another hunt than Supper. Then the sun going down at 530, making 8 feel like 1am. it was hard on everybody.

On saturday I went to babysit my Nephews for my sister who had to go to a wedding, I stayed the night and left for home on sunday night. The boys were great, having each and every moment holding them, it was relaxing. The Joys of the next generation. Seeing them grow up so fast, grow stronger. It won't be long till their first walk, first word, first run, their first day of school, first car, and soon they will be off fighting this world with both fists... I can only imagine how its going to be for them. But soon, watching them.... It will only get better from here :)

A special thanks

I would like to thank all those soldiers that served in the wars, who died, wounded and lost. How can my country be free with out you. I would like to thank those soldiers who are still fighting for somebody's freedom, making the world a better place, one step at a time.

This is a tad to late, but We should always, never forget thee.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Who and what would we be if we didn't remember our soldiers that died to save our country? To help others in the time of need? What would have happened?

Nobody can answer this one. Since it didn't happen, Nor shall it. Rememberance Day is time for us to come togather, and remember those fallen soldiers, and support those soldiers still alive. How can we support the vertians you might ask? Donate and have a poppy. Wear it proud. It symbles that you care for your country, the vertians, and the ones that died. whats with the white poppy? It symbles peace. If you believe in peace, and wanna support the soldiers, if you have a Facebook account, please make this your Facebook profile


Friday, October 21, 2011

New website

I'm glad to announce that I have a new website. the link is in the link Icon on the right. I have the homepage, flock page (where I talk about what I have), For Sale page (where I list the items for sale), A guest book (where you can post alot of things about the site, etc), contact page (which right now has my email address, but you can still get ahold of me), links (where I post awesome links to forums and sites), a blog (where I post new things to the site or to my flock, which doesn't stop me from having this site). And now new today, a Chicken Diaper page. My sister makes  chicken diapers and sells them, This will help her out, its still getting worked on, but please order them if you need them. I will post about Chicken diapers in the site blog, page and here, so come back and here more.
God Bless,

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Prologue should be done soon

Prologue should be done soon, its going to my editing group, going to fix, add  and delete. One last round through and than posting. Should/Hopefully be done by the middle of next week.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I will be rewritting my book. i will hopefully have the new copy up at the end of the month. Which will give me time to finish writting and edit it.

As For the pictures I promise, I'm just waiting for my friend to send them to me.

(Sorry for the changes)

Sunday, October 2, 2011


We decided to go out for our family's Annul camping trip. It was so nice. Got to make a new friend and hunting partner. Than on the way back, got to see my nephews, their getting so big.

Its good to be back...... Pics coming soon and more of the story also coming soon

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Is it wrong for me to post on my friends status? please comment your thoughts on commenting on peoples profile on FB

My book

I thought on sharing that I'm doing a online blogging book. As seen on Mini series page, there's a link there or you can go from this link
There will be a Chapter a week, but come back again, I might add another chapter.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Page (again)

Please look at the Page Mini Series, And comment about it, thanks

Update Sept 19th, 2011

I have decided that since I done watching a TV series that I shall write a report about it. It shall be awesome. I also feel like writing a verse from the bible for each week. It will have to wait till October. I will be going to my family's annul Hunt trip. We do this every year. But this will prob be my last one for two years, Since college. But Hopefully I shall get my first deer, and hopefully a elk. :D

My quail hasn't laid any eggs, found out its caused by the amount of food I feed them, I have to double to triple it. They are in a new pen. I took the old cat cage and put it in the hay shed and put it half together. Hopefully will get some eggs, The hay keeps the warm air from escaping.  I'm planning a hatch day, So a bunch of people put eggs in their incubator to hatch eggs. So hopefully that will work. If you would like to join the hatch day, please comment.

My pea's are doing okay. They still don't trust me alot. but I will be using a new technic when I get back from the annul hunt camp. Just waiting for spring time to come around, I will be getting some pea-eggs and going to hatch some, sell some, and let the peahen hatch some. Hopefully that works out.

Thanks for viewing,
God Bless,

Sunday, September 18, 2011

holding them

The other day I got to hold my nephews for the first time. they felt like I was holding on to my own kids, They were like gold. I was worried I would do something to hurt them, move the wrong way. I never wanted to give them up. the fell asleep in my arms. One burped when Getting passed to me. it was so cute. ;") It was so worth the wait.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Well, I made a Type of tea that is called kombucha. Its healthy and ya. If you don't know what it is, click here.
If you would like to know how to make it, click here. I made another batch. But the baby scoby was to small for my comfort, so I added it to the new batch. With the tea, I left one and put it in a jar, the other I put raspberries in it. Can't wait :D


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Life Feels Dull

I don't know what it is, But it feels dull without my white noise maker.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sad and Good Day

Today is a sad day for my family. Our lovely Goffin Cockatoo that have had for 24-25 years, Passed away. She will be missed. Another is a quail died as well. Both will be missed so much.

Great news, Two of my 6 week old quail have been laying eggs. They don't until 8 weeks. Which is really nice to see some laying. I ate the first one. Than found out about the second. So we will be collecting them to incubate them. Which will tell me if the eggs now are fertile. What my Hatch rate will be. I will be collecting till 12 eggs, at that point, they will be going in the incubator. Which will incubate for 17 days. I will add more within time. With this dozen will be either sold, or raised for meat. I will be Building my Quail Run (thing) this upcoming week. Which will hold all 10 quail, or 6 quail. Please read about the quail post, I will probably be making something different than the pen in the post.

I would like to thank you for the time you put out to read this entry and the others. Hope you can come back to read future ones ahead.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pictures of Animals and Update

I would like to Post some pics of the quail, and give you a small update.

These past few days, I have been dealing with escape artists. One morning, all 11 quail escaped. So I Searched around for them. The two days later, another one escapes, But this time, it was in their outside pen. It flew to the other side of the Wetland pond, in the back field. It landed in the water, by some cattails plants. So I ran to the other side to rescue this poor little bird. But when I got there, I couldn't see nor get to. So My Hunting dogs  followed me out there so I said 'Get the Quail'. Both swam up to it got it brought it back, And the quail, no harm done. All it was, was wet. So I put it in the brooder to dry off for the night. Than the next morning (This morning) I went out there, It was dry and fluffy. So I put it back in with the others.
THanks for listening. Please comment if you enjoyed it and/or want to hear more

Thursday, September 1, 2011


We have ended August with 225 views. Lets double it for September. Tell me: What you (My views) want to see, by commenting on any post. Visit Regularey to see what posts have been put up. And Favorite it.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Newest Animal

I would like to welcome a few quail into the acreage. I got 11 of them. :D Pics coming soon (had difficultly with it)

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I thought since this is my last year in High school, That maybe I should fully try to get buff. I've been looking at Website on how to get buff so here ya go.

I'm working on a schedule to follow. Maybe a diet like Less junk food, more veggies and Chicken, Goose, Quail and duck.

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Break

Sorry that I haven't been Blogging lately. Have been a bit busy around here. With work, Getting ready for the Upcoming school year and family. My married sister came to stay at my house, as she gets run to the hospital almost every day, dew to my little Boys in there. Its been nice to have her around here and its going to be sad to see her leave on Monday.

Work has been okay, I got the opportunity to work in a different part of the store. Which is great. But I do need to be faster at what Im doing. But Can't wait what this upcoming work week will bring.

Planning for school is hard, We are figuring out what programs I'm doing. So far I know, its Advance Biology, Advance Math, LLTL British, golden edition. Just piceing things like History, and those extra courses.

Animals.... All my animals are doing good. Soon I will have to get back to riding my horse, dew to A family Camping Adventure in the mountains this upcoming month ahead. Peafowl are great. Although they aren't letting me near them, they are so beautiful. They are molting, which is leaving feathers everywhere. Dogs and other birds are good. Needy but good. Hopefully soon adding Quail to the mix.

As that is all I can think of coming up with right now, Its a good start on what has happened this Past week.

(Note: The Quail Word Is click-able)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Trip

Here is a short form of my trip... More soon to come...

I went to my brothers wedding. Which was okay. I was apart of the wedding party, Got to take the two bridesmaids down the aisle, Both attached to my arm. Food was Cheap. But my brother paid for it all so, He did pretty good on what he had for a budget.

Other than The wedding, I Got to see my old place where i use to live. Man is it ever a dump. All the Flowers that we planted 'Gone' :tantrum:
I got to see my Cousins, Aunts, Uncle and Grandma. All remembered me as the 3 foot high little boy. Which was nice to see my Cousins turned from Little Girls to Lovely looking ladies. There was a few I wanted to see, But they were busy. But It was great to see them.

I got to see my Moms old Cottage/cabin. The one she used to grow up in the summers in. It was given to my cousin after my Uncle passed away about 20 some odd years ago. He really let it go. He was so lazy, didn't do anything really. So seeing it, it was heart breaking for my mom and dad. Since they both have wonderful memories there. It was abandoned. Left a dump. It was really sad to see a wonderful place that it was before, and see it a dump with The floors Moldy, Everything on the floor, Sewer backed up.... Bluh... And more but its to nasty to post on here. But I got to see the driveway my Uncle put in with my Grandpa and my dad, before my parents starting to even date. The joke of it was that the building would Fall down, before the Driveway/ramp would ever be gone. Which the only thing it had was a chip missing, due to my cousin trying to get rid of the ramp/driveway.

I got to see a few places my Parents use to hang out with all their friends when they were young. They were sad to see a mall gone and The park renamed.

I Got to see my Beautiful country, Got to hang out with family, and see old places that had memories. That when my parents was talking about them, You could see the kids running around, and seeing it happen. It was real nice to see.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Trip Part

Please Ecuse the bad grammer.

We had a good start to the trip to Ontario. Gas prices going from $1.06 to $1.43. It took us 24 hours to make it to Ontario Border (Plus). And 7 Hours to make it to my aunts.
We came to go to my brothers wedding. We drove our wonderful jeep here. Only needing to fill it up 5-10 times and putting another thing of oil in.

SO Province by province we went. So Alberta first.

We got onto Highway 23 and went to Highway 24. We drove to another road and turned. We did a few turns. We made it to Strathmore. We stopped for a littl break. So we went into the dollar store. We Got: Juice, Mouth wash, a few other things and Two travel pillows. This came in handy for the long trip. So After that we were on the road again. Our next stop was In brooks. We did a Washroom break and gas break. But We tried to get gas, But we couldn't get it to work (Prepay). After that, Our last stop was in Medicine Hat. My Brother and I got a Hair cut. We did a bit of shopping here and there. I Bought a Truth about Chuck Noris and a beatles CD for my dad. Than had a snack at McDonald's.

Saskatchewan, We Stopped for supper at the border, and only stoped for gas and washroom breaks. No trues adventure in that. We did sleep, but We always had somebody driving.

Manitoba, My brother drove for 8 hours and Made it out of there, we only stopped for Gas, Washroom and Coffee at Tim Hortons.

Northern Ontario, We stopped at Beaver Trading Post, Gas station, washroom breaks and Coffee/Something to eat.

Southern Ontario, Well we came closer to Barrie. We had Breakfast and Sat for a bit than headed out to my Aunts. We stayed till 1-2 this afternoon and Then headed out to a little town. 14 minutes left till we reached The town. We saw a accident, well not really see, but we got to be there right after. But we did see the guy leaving the Damaged car. So We polled over and My brother did First Aid on him.... Handled it real nicely. We had to take one travel pillow for the injured guy. The Car ended up in half and In/is a tree.

Well thats the story for now.... Post When I get back...

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Have you ever wondered, Is there a chocolate that tastes so wonderful when its in you mouth? Or a chocolate milk shake that can help you lose a few pounds? Want to get off those Awful energy drinks like 'Redbull' or 'Rockstar'? But Enjoy the energy boost?

Well, with a bit of research and a link from a friend, you can have all, plus more.
There is so many different chocolate to choose from, like
nuggets, Peanut butter, power squares and more.

Please visit this link for more info, to contact and order, And you too can feel so much better.

(Note: The link is Click able)

McDonald's Happy Meals

A friend gave me this link, Its on how 'Unhealthy The Happy Meals' are and the choice to make a Healthy Happy meal for your kids.


(Note: the Link word is click-able for the link for the website)

Softening Up

My Dad has been finally softening up. These past few years, after working on it for so long. I should say, I use to live in Ontario, Canada. I spent most of my childhood days there. We moved into Alberta 5 years ago. The first year I got him into letting my buy chickens (Him buy chickens). Second year another round of chickens. Third year Into letting him buy me a horse. Fourth year peafowl. Now fifth year has been kinda a dud. But in two to five weeks from now, I'm going to get quail.

He is finally softening up. Hopefully, by the time I leave house and home, my sister will be allowed to raise bunnies.

Please comment down below on if your Dad was/is the same way.

Friday, August 5, 2011


I've been meaning on posting stuff on my Peafowl.

So here is Jack, He loves his name, He also Broke is crown Like In the Rhyme

He is 2 years old, Doesn't have his Train, But His molting (:S)

Here is my Female, Her name is Jill (Just like the Rhyme again), She loves her name. She is 1 years old.


Common Quail


What a lovely bird. Wouldn't you say? Nice color, Shape, Quails in General are nice to the eye. Wouldn't you say so?

I have been working on a Project this past week to two. On Raising quail. I know Raising Horses, peafowl, dogs and my own life, not to mention my own family? Why do this to yourself? Well One easy simple answer. They are easy to raise.

Easy to raise. They need a sq. foot per bird. Not to bad, 1x1 box, Easy simple done. The wire you can use 1/4" wire or hardwood cloth. One rooster to ever 3-4 hens. They come in different colors. Like White, Tuxedo, Pharaoh, ext.

The Hen lays a egg every day (If provided light thru the winter time). The Hen Calls for a Male, The Male calls for a female. Once they mate, The rooster Crows to let the world know he did his deed.

Im planing on building this:

I will be getting either Hatching eggs from a Friend in BC, a Friend near Olds or a few Chicks/adults from a friend around Calgary. I have no idea on what colors I will be getting. But I will enjoy them either way