Monday, April 23, 2012


Hey all,
Uh, Its been way to long. Well, with the quail projects Im working on, I decided to create a Facebook page for them. I try to update on everything. So here is the link. Just like the page, than updates will be posted on your news feed.

The quail are doing great, the 5 week olds today are huge, I know one of them is male already, the others are hard to tell. The 2 week olds are now fully feathered. Their gettting so big... I wish they could stay the size they hatched at forever. The adults are doing great. I had a problem with a female picking on the others. So she had two days by herself and that straightened her up a bit. The egg production came to a total of 6 eggs this past week, And now back down to 3 eggs.

I was able to pick up some chicken eggs. Their Danish Brown leghorns (DBL), I have 50 eggs in total. I have 43 quail eggs planned to hatch on Friday, another 33 eggs going to hatch on the 7th of May. The chicken eggs plan on hatching on the 12th. I haven't sold alot of eggs recently, dozen here a dozen there. Which helps with the cost of the feed and shavings. I've been working on a new project. Which is Mealworm farming. Updates on all that will be the page.

Thats it for a bit of a entry. Thanks All, Again please click (here) to go to the Facebook page for the quail, and Like it..

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Update April 7th

Hey All,
So here is update.

My quail flock has grown. I actually had to butcher a adult quail though, it was sick, poor girl :( Anyway, So Im down to 9 adults. I have 6 Two week olds, and 6 just hatched quail. I have more that are going to hatch within a few days though. Its only day 17. I have many planes for my quail. Pens are actually getting built this week. Wire will be added to it next weekend. I'm trying to find out the colours of the quail I have right now. Its a awesome job to do.

I'm Selling my first few dozen tomorrow. My little quail business is under way. Im a bit happy for that. They might want to buy some every weekend. :) Can't wait to do some business. I have a forms that I found online, that Im going to use to keep track of everything. And all. I'm going to start training the quail. Its something I saw online, which I'll blog more about later.

Cuddlez is being a bit annoying lately. Im not giving him love and care he wants. So I'll have to spend more time with my lovely rooster of mine. Which might mean less time on the computer.

School, is good actually. I wish I could say more. But school is school.

Horses are getting fatter. the grass is finally coming up, which will help them. Their running which is a good sign. Watching them run around with a storm coming in. Awe so Beautiful.

I have more to Blog about.... I know... my pen ideas, and what I have said before... But I have been very busy... Pictures of the quail coming up.... So Please stay tune,
Thanks, and Happy Easter to you!!!!!