Friday, October 21, 2011

New website

I'm glad to announce that I have a new website. the link is in the link Icon on the right. I have the homepage, flock page (where I talk about what I have), For Sale page (where I list the items for sale), A guest book (where you can post alot of things about the site, etc), contact page (which right now has my email address, but you can still get ahold of me), links (where I post awesome links to forums and sites), a blog (where I post new things to the site or to my flock, which doesn't stop me from having this site). And now new today, a Chicken Diaper page. My sister makes  chicken diapers and sells them, This will help her out, its still getting worked on, but please order them if you need them. I will post about Chicken diapers in the site blog, page and here, so come back and here more.
God Bless,

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