Monday, November 14, 2011


My family went back into the mountains for our last hunt. It was a great trip. We had the five of us, my brothers girlfriend, and two other families that came out. The total of people was 13. The most amount we ever had. The most amount of teens we've had. Its great to see how the youth of today feels about keeping the wilderness the way it is. We had Activities. Horseback riding, Skating on the frozen river with out boots, chatting around the campfire, Helping with breakfast, and supper. We never ate lunch for some reason, we were to busy having the time of our lives. The mornings were hard, waking up early to go for a morning hunt. After getting the horses tacked, getting everybody to have a ride. than after another hunt than Supper. Then the sun going down at 530, making 8 feel like 1am. it was hard on everybody.

On saturday I went to babysit my Nephews for my sister who had to go to a wedding, I stayed the night and left for home on sunday night. The boys were great, having each and every moment holding them, it was relaxing. The Joys of the next generation. Seeing them grow up so fast, grow stronger. It won't be long till their first walk, first word, first run, their first day of school, first car, and soon they will be off fighting this world with both fists... I can only imagine how its going to be for them. But soon, watching them.... It will only get better from here :)

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