Monday, September 19, 2011

Update Sept 19th, 2011

I have decided that since I done watching a TV series that I shall write a report about it. It shall be awesome. I also feel like writing a verse from the bible for each week. It will have to wait till October. I will be going to my family's annul Hunt trip. We do this every year. But this will prob be my last one for two years, Since college. But Hopefully I shall get my first deer, and hopefully a elk. :D

My quail hasn't laid any eggs, found out its caused by the amount of food I feed them, I have to double to triple it. They are in a new pen. I took the old cat cage and put it in the hay shed and put it half together. Hopefully will get some eggs, The hay keeps the warm air from escaping.  I'm planning a hatch day, So a bunch of people put eggs in their incubator to hatch eggs. So hopefully that will work. If you would like to join the hatch day, please comment.

My pea's are doing okay. They still don't trust me alot. but I will be using a new technic when I get back from the annul hunt camp. Just waiting for spring time to come around, I will be getting some pea-eggs and going to hatch some, sell some, and let the peahen hatch some. Hopefully that works out.

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