Monday, April 23, 2012


Hey all,
Uh, Its been way to long. Well, with the quail projects Im working on, I decided to create a Facebook page for them. I try to update on everything. So here is the link. Just like the page, than updates will be posted on your news feed.

The quail are doing great, the 5 week olds today are huge, I know one of them is male already, the others are hard to tell. The 2 week olds are now fully feathered. Their gettting so big... I wish they could stay the size they hatched at forever. The adults are doing great. I had a problem with a female picking on the others. So she had two days by herself and that straightened her up a bit. The egg production came to a total of 6 eggs this past week, And now back down to 3 eggs.

I was able to pick up some chicken eggs. Their Danish Brown leghorns (DBL), I have 50 eggs in total. I have 43 quail eggs planned to hatch on Friday, another 33 eggs going to hatch on the 7th of May. The chicken eggs plan on hatching on the 12th. I haven't sold alot of eggs recently, dozen here a dozen there. Which helps with the cost of the feed and shavings. I've been working on a new project. Which is Mealworm farming. Updates on all that will be the page.

Thats it for a bit of a entry. Thanks All, Again please click (here) to go to the Facebook page for the quail, and Like it..

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