Thursday, December 8, 2011

Operations Christmas child

This past Monday, I was able to voleteer for 2-3 hours. It was amazing. I wish I could do it again. with two shifts, so 4-6 hours, 4,800 boxes where checked and is ready for shipping. This was amazing activity. 4,800 kids will have their first and only present in their life time. the boxes are their tresure chests, keeping everything they love and dear to them, close to keep them for ever. Not only will they get their present, but they will hear the word of God. I find that amazing. If that was two shifts, and that was in one main city, amagine, how many is done already? I love that thought, That feeling of joy, knowing that somewhere in the world, a gloriful child will be happy this christmas. I do want to incourage you to either do a box, or volenteer yourself for this amazing experiance.

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