Friday, August 26, 2011

A Break

Sorry that I haven't been Blogging lately. Have been a bit busy around here. With work, Getting ready for the Upcoming school year and family. My married sister came to stay at my house, as she gets run to the hospital almost every day, dew to my little Boys in there. Its been nice to have her around here and its going to be sad to see her leave on Monday.

Work has been okay, I got the opportunity to work in a different part of the store. Which is great. But I do need to be faster at what Im doing. But Can't wait what this upcoming work week will bring.

Planning for school is hard, We are figuring out what programs I'm doing. So far I know, its Advance Biology, Advance Math, LLTL British, golden edition. Just piceing things like History, and those extra courses.

Animals.... All my animals are doing good. Soon I will have to get back to riding my horse, dew to A family Camping Adventure in the mountains this upcoming month ahead. Peafowl are great. Although they aren't letting me near them, they are so beautiful. They are molting, which is leaving feathers everywhere. Dogs and other birds are good. Needy but good. Hopefully soon adding Quail to the mix.

As that is all I can think of coming up with right now, Its a good start on what has happened this Past week.

(Note: The Quail Word Is click-able)

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