Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Trip

Here is a short form of my trip... More soon to come...

I went to my brothers wedding. Which was okay. I was apart of the wedding party, Got to take the two bridesmaids down the aisle, Both attached to my arm. Food was Cheap. But my brother paid for it all so, He did pretty good on what he had for a budget.

Other than The wedding, I Got to see my old place where i use to live. Man is it ever a dump. All the Flowers that we planted 'Gone' :tantrum:
I got to see my Cousins, Aunts, Uncle and Grandma. All remembered me as the 3 foot high little boy. Which was nice to see my Cousins turned from Little Girls to Lovely looking ladies. There was a few I wanted to see, But they were busy. But It was great to see them.

I got to see my Moms old Cottage/cabin. The one she used to grow up in the summers in. It was given to my cousin after my Uncle passed away about 20 some odd years ago. He really let it go. He was so lazy, didn't do anything really. So seeing it, it was heart breaking for my mom and dad. Since they both have wonderful memories there. It was abandoned. Left a dump. It was really sad to see a wonderful place that it was before, and see it a dump with The floors Moldy, Everything on the floor, Sewer backed up.... Bluh... And more but its to nasty to post on here. But I got to see the driveway my Uncle put in with my Grandpa and my dad, before my parents starting to even date. The joke of it was that the building would Fall down, before the Driveway/ramp would ever be gone. Which the only thing it had was a chip missing, due to my cousin trying to get rid of the ramp/driveway.

I got to see a few places my Parents use to hang out with all their friends when they were young. They were sad to see a mall gone and The park renamed.

I Got to see my Beautiful country, Got to hang out with family, and see old places that had memories. That when my parents was talking about them, You could see the kids running around, and seeing it happen. It was real nice to see.

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