Friday, August 12, 2011

Trip Part

Please Ecuse the bad grammer.

We had a good start to the trip to Ontario. Gas prices going from $1.06 to $1.43. It took us 24 hours to make it to Ontario Border (Plus). And 7 Hours to make it to my aunts.
We came to go to my brothers wedding. We drove our wonderful jeep here. Only needing to fill it up 5-10 times and putting another thing of oil in.

SO Province by province we went. So Alberta first.

We got onto Highway 23 and went to Highway 24. We drove to another road and turned. We did a few turns. We made it to Strathmore. We stopped for a littl break. So we went into the dollar store. We Got: Juice, Mouth wash, a few other things and Two travel pillows. This came in handy for the long trip. So After that we were on the road again. Our next stop was In brooks. We did a Washroom break and gas break. But We tried to get gas, But we couldn't get it to work (Prepay). After that, Our last stop was in Medicine Hat. My Brother and I got a Hair cut. We did a bit of shopping here and there. I Bought a Truth about Chuck Noris and a beatles CD for my dad. Than had a snack at McDonald's.

Saskatchewan, We Stopped for supper at the border, and only stoped for gas and washroom breaks. No trues adventure in that. We did sleep, but We always had somebody driving.

Manitoba, My brother drove for 8 hours and Made it out of there, we only stopped for Gas, Washroom and Coffee at Tim Hortons.

Northern Ontario, We stopped at Beaver Trading Post, Gas station, washroom breaks and Coffee/Something to eat.

Southern Ontario, Well we came closer to Barrie. We had Breakfast and Sat for a bit than headed out to my Aunts. We stayed till 1-2 this afternoon and Then headed out to a little town. 14 minutes left till we reached The town. We saw a accident, well not really see, but we got to be there right after. But we did see the guy leaving the Damaged car. So We polled over and My brother did First Aid on him.... Handled it real nicely. We had to take one travel pillow for the injured guy. The Car ended up in half and In/is a tree.

Well thats the story for now.... Post When I get back...

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